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Get Festive By Painting Your Windows and Mirrors this Christmas!

Mirror Fox Painting

Looking for a fun way to decorate your house this holiday season? Why not try painting your windows or mirrors for Christmas? It's a great craft for all artistic levels because you can make your designs as simple or as complex as you like! If you're scared to go freestyle you can find a template you like online and print it off as a guide!

Painting Mirror

Materials you will need for painting your windows and mirrors:

  • Paint (Tempera paint works best. Just avoid using any permanent paint materials.) I used acrylic paint and it's easy to scrape off.

  • Paint Brush

  • Paper towels to clean up your mess

  • Cup of Water to clean your brushes.

  • Paint pallet (I used a paper plate for easy clean up.)

Extra things you can use:

  • Printer to print off your template to trace. Just make sure it's in reverse if you're painting words. You'll want to be sure they're going the right direction for like a store front or front door welcome sign.

  • Something to cover the ground to stop paint drips.

  • Painters tape. Use to help create clean edges or straight lines.

  • Dry erase markers. Great for making rough sketches and easy to remove.

cabin mirror painting

How to Paint Mirrors

Step 1.) Clean your surface.

Step 2.) Create a rough sketch using dry erase markers or go free style!

Step 2.) Have fun painting! If you make a mistake you can use a wet rag to wipe it off or scape off the paint after it dries.

Step 3.) After the paint dries you can go in and layer your on your details or outlines.

How to Paint Windows

Step 1.) Clean your surface.

Step 2.) Find a template you like and print it out.

Step 3.) Tape your template to the opposite side of the window. You can also use dry-erase markers to sketch out your design on the outside and erase it when you finish.

Step 4.) Start with the outlines first for cleaner edges.

Step 5.) Once dry color in your outlines!

Supplies Ideas

These art supplies suggestions are items I already have or would use. If you purchase an item I do receive a small commission! So thank you!

  • White Window Paint. Great for details and having more control over the paint! Also a good option if you'll only be using white for your project.

  • Liquid Chalk Markers. Great for mirrors or windows and offers more color options!

  • Tempera Paint. Easy to wash off then acrylic. About to give your project a more painted asthenic and offers more layering options for your art piece.


Mirror Painting

Congrats on your mural! I love how much whimsy and wonder it brings to the space! I definitely want to try doing more of them around my house!

Be sure to share your creation with us by tagging @peacefulpaintdrop on social media!



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