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How I Became a Published Picture Book Illustrator of Once Upon a Robin

How a little girl's dream came true.

once upon a robin

When I was in early grade school one of the first things I ever wanted to be was a book illustrator. I loved art and looking at the pictures in books because I struggled to learn how to read thanks to dyslexia. I remember the teacher reading books in front of our class and the illustrations coming to life and expanding my world. Even though I couldn't read, picture books broke down those barriers and allowed me to learn and explore new places and ideas.

chicken reading illustration

I took my love for picture books and really began to practice art. I quickly found art class was the one place I actually excelled from other students. It grew my confidence and helped me find a place to thrive! I kept practicing my art skills and storytelling hoping one day I'd be able to find a career to sustain myself.

Fast forward many years and I still had a passion for art but I pursued other mediums like photography and video to become my way of life. Then in 2022, I met the soon-to-be-published author Lois Smith. She and I hit it off right away. I loved our meetings. Her love for Christ was shown through and our meetings often felt like half a devotion and half a book club.

(Behind the scenes of finalizing the layout and page count.)

She was such an encouragement to me over the next 11 months as we built the book from scratch. She even stuck with me when I doubted myself and when I grieved the loss of my twins miscarriage. God just has a way of putting the right people in our lives when we need them.

After a hard winter, we were able to finally finish the last of the illustrations and begin putting the book together.

We had a lot of technical and mental challenges to overcome but finally, in Mid-April the book took flight and was published on Amazon.

I'm just amazed at how far we came and what we were able to accomplish together.

Since publishing the book we've been blown away by family and friends' support watching the book fly all around the country! It's so cool to me how a little girl who couldn't read grew up and was able to publish her first book! Now I have a passion to encourage other children who have the same learning disabilities to not give up and find their superpowers! I used to resent how I was made, but I'm learning to appreciate how God made me different and how I can use the gifts He's given me to encourage others.

So What's Next?

Now after publishing our first book there are more illustration projects in the works! Lois has been busy visiting schools, homeschool coops, and preschools! I'm excited to be joining her on a book visit soon! If you love our book and want to know about the latest news you can subscribe to my blog or follow us on social media at @peacefulpaintdrop and @robinhousepress!



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