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DIY Watercolor Necklace

red barn watercolor necklace

Have you ever wanted to turn your paintings into jewelry? Now is your chance! This is a great way to carry art with you everywhere or make a special meaningful gift for a loved one!

Supplies you will need

  • watercolor paper

  • watercolor paint

  • paint brushes

  • glue

  • pendant

  • chain to hang the necklace on

  • scissors


Here is a video showing the steps! Or follow the steps written below!

Step 1.) Find your frame. Hobby Lobby offers a lot of great jewelry options where you can insert your artwork!

Step 2.) Stencil your frame

watercolor hedgehog illustration

Step 3.) Paint your frame. Let it dry.

Step 4.) Cut out painting

watercolor necklase

Step. 5.) Put the picture in the frame. You might need to glue it down or slide it between the glass and secure it. (Warning if you add glue to the front be careful the varnish is safe for watercolor or else the painting could smear and be ruined.

Step 5.) Thread the necklace onto a chain and you're done!

red barn watercolor necklace

Supplies I used

These are the supplies I'd suggest for the project! Each one I've used and loved working with. If you purchase any of the items through the links I do receive a small commission. Thank you!

  • Pendants.

  • Watercolor Paper. I've been using this watercolor paper for YEARS and LOVE IT. I find this watercolor paper easier to work with than most and I love how the colors lay on it. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Watercolor Paint Set. This has been my go-to watercolor set for over 10 years. It's the first professional watercolor set I ever used and I love to take it with me everywhere! If I could only get one set this is the one!

In Conclusion

I based my watercolor necklace based on a bigger watercolor painting I did. These mini paintings can make great personalized gifts and they're a lot of fun to make! Sometimes painting smaller is a challenge but it also can be faster!

Enjoy your new one-of-a-kind, necklace! Be sure to tag @peacefulpaintdrop on social media to show off your creation!



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