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DIY Sloth Christmas Garland

Christmas sloth garland

Ready for the cutest garland this season?

How about letting these 6 sloths hang out this holiday season? They got Santa hats, wreaths, elf ears, presents, Christmas lights, and a carrot nose! This is a great way to make decorations for your home and memories with kids!

How to make the garland

  • Download the PDF

  • Print

  • Cut on the outline around the sloth

  • Hole punch on the black dot between the legs

  • Thread them onto 3-5 foot length of string

  • Secure garland safely

  • Take a picture and share it @peacefulpaintdrop on social media!

Time to make it: 15 minutes

Christmas sloth garland

Click here to download your free Christmas Sloth Garland!

Download PDF • 575KB

These sloth-inspired cuties are dedicated to my sister and nephew who are currently in love with all things sloth! I figured making these might get me the best aunt award this year! ;)

Enjoy your festive sloths!! Be sure to show off your garland by tagging @peacefulpaintdrop on social media! Have fun!

Christmas sloth printable



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