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DIY Miniature Bookshelf with a Free Book Template!!

Miniature Bookshelf

Want a fun new way to keep track of the books you read? Then let's make a miniature bookshelf together with a free book template! This is a fun and easy project to do! Comes with a free printable to start making your books!! (Also this blog post includes affiliate links so any craft supplies purchased provide me a small commission and allows me to make more arts and crafts tutorials so thank you!)

Supplies and tools you'll need

  • Tiny books printable

  • A miniature bookshelf

  • foam board (Or you can fold pieces of paper and glue them to the inside of your book instead.)

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Paint

  • Paintbrush

Extra supplies I used but aren't necessary

  • Watercolor paint

  • Watercolor paper

  • (free version)

  • Mod podge

  • Micron pen for illustrations

Step 1.) Decorate your bookshelf. I used watercolor to paint the wood of my bookshelf! I painted mine blue and then went in with a darker blue in the creases to add dimension and make it look more weather/ antique. While the paint dries let's create some books!

Book Template

Minatare Book Printable

Step 2. For a quick start, you can edit this book template to print off books and get started! Click Here to use the free template I created! Just download the document when you are ready and print it! Or you can create book spreads yourself! If your bookshelf is a different size start by measuring the height between the shelf. Then create a rectangle no larger than that height. Say the shelf height is one inch, then make the cover of your book no larger than one inch. Be sure to make another rectangle for the back of the book and have enough space for a spine around 1 centimeter in length. It will look something like this.

Once Upon a Robin

Pro Tip: If you find a cover of a book you like you can take that picture and flip it upside down. That way when you make your book the cover will be right side up when you flip it horizontally from one side to the other.

Step 3.) Cut out your books.

Step 4.) Cut out foam board for the middle of your book. Make sure it's the same size as the front cover of your book.

Step 5.) Glue book cover to foam board. Sometimes I would smash the foam board down to fit the spine of the book. and sometimes I added two pieces of foam board to fit larger books.

miniature books
Here I followed the same steps but found the covers of some of my favorite books!

Step 6.) Add books to the bookshelf. And you're done but now for the art side of this arts and crafts!

Step 7.) Decorate the bookshelf with accessories! I made my paintings with watercolor paper and watercolor paints

pineapple plant watercolor illustration

Step 8.) Print off the decorations. I'd recommend using thicker paper like card stock for this so the paintings hold their shape. Cut out your tiny painting and make a stand by cutting out a tiny rectangle and gluing a third of it down. once the glue is dry you can fold it back and now your picture will stand on its own!

Congrats you're done! Now enjoy your tiny bookshelf! Tag us @peacefulpaintdrop on social media to share your creation!! We love seeing your creativity!



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